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Quite apart from intelligence failings the Allies were seriously overstretched. They had failed to predict the heavy losses of the autumn and were short of both men and equipment; worse they felt that the Germans were already beaten and had allowed a certain degree of complacency to set in. The Germans on the other hand were not about to admit defeat, Hitler's ambitious plan called for an armoured drive that would reach Antwerp, splitting the allied armies in two. The Germans were, moreover, used to the terrain-after all they had used this route of attack in 1870, 1914 and 1940.

Ever willing to please their commander the troopers set about the next two with bazookas. One was carrying fuel for V-2s, the resultant spectacular explosion nearly taking the troopers with it. By the end of D-Day, whilst all the landings had been successful, none of the main objectives of Market had been taken, and the armoured thrust had not even begun. The Allies, however, were committed and as D+1 dawned efforts were redoubled. Three times that day Gavin's soldiers reported the bridge in their hands, but the German defences held and each time the Americans were forced to withdraw.

Preceded by rocket-firing Typhoons, a ferocious artillery barrage had been laid down ahead of the assault, along with smoke to try and give some cover. When reports reached German commanders they initially dismissed the idea of an assault across the river-they simply did not think it could be done. The German troops on the spot, however, some 400-600 soldiers, lost no time in opening up on the boats as the smoke screen was blown away, leaving the frantically paddling Americans exposed in mid-river.

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