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By Elmore A. Champie

This paintings is a part of the Marine Corps historic Reference sequence. It information the recorded historical past of what's now the San Diego Marine Corps Base and Recruit Depot.

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5 – 6. 71. Douthat, p. 58. 72. The William C. Cook Collection: The War of 1812 in the South, The Williams Research Center, The Historic New Orleans Collection. 32 Chapter 2: The War of 1812 was laid at Jackson’s door because of the men’s misunderstanding regarding their committed length of service. Perhaps the most damning aspect of the accusation is that the executions were held after the war ended. It should be noted that Jackson maintained some semblance of order among his troops “because they feared him more than they feared the enemy….

I. Stull, captain of the Georgetown Rifles, a force of approximately 120 men, he appealed to [Secretary of War John] Armstrong to release some of the rifles in the Washington arsenal. Armstrong refused, insisting that the rifles were intended for the northern army and could not be spared. Consequently, when the rifle companies were called out after the British landed, they were forced to take muskets, and they were further delayed in procuring ammunition and flints. As for 88. Hickey, p. 79. 89.

Examples of poor leadership were shown repeatedly by General Alexander Smyth. Among his other responsibilities, Smyth was in charge of two aborted attempts to invade Canada. Although many militiamen refused to cross the river, insisting on their legal right to remain on American soil, Smyth had obtained an adequate number of them who were willing to cross the border into Canada. After having boldly declared that his troops would quickly defeat Canada, he called off the scheduled attacks. “In the aftermath of Smyth’s cancellation of the invasion, large numbers of militiamen deserted.

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