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By edited by Annliese Nef ; French and Italian texts translated by Martin Thom.

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76–80, with bibliography. 52 The best synthesis is that of Abshalom Laniado, Recherches sur les notables municipaux dans l’empire protobyzantin, Monographies du Centre d’histoire et de civilisation de Byzance 13 (Paris, 2002). 53 Mark Whittow, “Recent Research on the late-antique city in Asia Minor: the second half of the 6th c. , Recent research in Late-antique urbanism (Portsmouth, 2001), pp. 137–54. 20 vivien prigent being possible to ascertain their actual provenance. When using these seals to found a historical argument tied specifically to Palermo, it is necessary to tread lightly, although some points may be advanced.

64, 177, 225 et p. 324, for a 10th century illustration representing such constructions. 6 The modes of combat employed by the “blond peoples” are described in the Emperor Maurice’s Strategikon. See Das Strategikon des Maurikios, ed. George T. 3. 26–29). 6–10). , Histoire et culture dans l’Italie byzantine, Collection de l’École française de Rome 363 (Rome, 2006), pp. 279–317. , 1: 367. 10 The city could justifiably seem to be both a key element in the control of the island and particularly weakened at this precise point in the development of the balance of forces.

Conversely, all of this might also be explained by the reinforcement of the power of the bishop of Palermo in the course of the 6th to 7th centuries, with the disappearance of the senatorial class placing ever more pious houses in a relation of direct dependence upon them. The Economy of Byzantine Palermo Palermo’s economy was based upon the complementarity between its rich agricultural hinterland and the excellent port evoked by the very name of the city. 120 The decision probably taken by the imperial authorities to make Palermo one of the principal bases of the Sicilian navy was for this selfsame reason.

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