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By Jon T Hoffman; Center of Military History

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And Flame, 9, N 1,73-80. F. ). N. (1970) Method of estimation of HE Ability to DDT, in. Vzryvnoe Delo, N 65/25, M .. , Nedra, 149-158. , Okunev, V. E. ). , Price, D. (1974) Studies in the Transition from Deflagration to Detonation in Granular Explosives -I. Experimental Arrangement and Behavior of Explosives Which Fail to Exhibit Detonation, Comb. and Flame, 22, N 1, 111-118. R (1976) Deflagration to Detonation Transition Behavior of Tetryl, Proc. 6th Symp. on Detonation, 381-390. A. , Shock Waves, 21, N 3, 3-15.

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