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Though these buildings serve a physical purpose, they also symbolize something greater to the average city dweller. A symbol of definition and boundaries, a show of wealth, proof of blessing, and a source of civic pride, these prominent structures are part of the medieval mindset as well as part of the city. City Walls The city walls separate the city from its surrounding, offering protection and regulating people and goods going in and out of the city. They are often thick stone walls, some as thick as 20 feet and as high as 30 feet.

Magical medieval hospitals have a different function than their modern counterpart. Hospitals take care of sick people, but they are not a place people go to get treated for illnesses. Hospitals take in people that would otherwise die alone on the streets and give them a bed and solace. Hospitals are a form of charity in the city. Medieval cities had two types of hospitals, those that served lepers and those that served everyone else. Cure disease should remove the need for leprosy hospitals in magical medieval cities, but nothing magical relieves the need for personal care of the elderly and poor.

The guild decides whether the Red Footpads or the Black Tigers get gambling and girl rights in the docks ward, while pick pocketing and begging on Baker Street goes to the Unseen. Such territory distribution also leads to internal contention that guild rulers use for their benefit. The Law: Law in magical medieval times is not like modern law. Laws are codifications of social custom. In larger cities where people come from many different places, laws become guidelines for easier coexistence. Sometimes laws are enforced with fiscal or physical punishment; other times laws are a formality thrown to the wayside due social necessity.

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