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A Plato Reader deals 8 of Plato's best-known works--Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Meno, Phaedo, Symposium, Phaedrus, and Republic--unabridged, expertly brought and annotated, and in largely sought after translations via C. D. C. Reeve, G. M. A. Grube, Alexander Nehamas, and Paul Woodruff.

The assortment good points Socrates as its relevant personality and a version of the tested existence. Its diversity permits us to determine him in motion in very diversified settings and philosophical modes: from the elenctic Socrates of the Meno and the dialogues referring to his trial and dying, to the erotic Socrates of the Symposium and Phaedrus, to the dialectician of the Republic.

Of Reeve's translation of this ultimate masterpiece, Lloyd P. Gerson writes, "Taking complete good thing about S. R. Slings' new Greek textual content of the Republic, Reeve has given us a translation either exact and limpid. Loving cognizance to element and deep familiarity with Plato's inspiration are obvious on each web page. Reeve's magnificent determination to solid the discussion into direct speech produces a compelling impact of immediacy unrivaled through different English translations at present available."

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Thus they simply won their case by default, as there was no defense. But what’s most unreasonable in all this is that I can’t discover even their names and tell them to you—unless one of them happens to be a comic playwright. In any case, the ones who used malicious slander to persuade you—as well as those who persuaded others after having been persuaded themselves—all of these are impossible to deal with. One cannot bring any of them here to court or cross-examine them. One must literally fight with shadows to defend oneself and cross-examine with no one to respond.

Because I didn’t care about the things most people care about—making money, managing an estate, or being a general, a popular leader, or holding some other political office, or joining the cabals and factions that come to exist in a city—but thought myself too honest, in truth, to engage in these things and survive? indb 40 7/20/12 10:24 AM Apology 41 but instead went to each of you privately and tried to perform what I claim is the greatest benefaction? That was what I did. I tried to persuade each of you to care first not about any of his possessions, but about himself and how he’ll become best and wisest; and not primarily about the city’s possessions, but about the city itself; and to care about all other things in the same way.

Perhaps, some of you will think I’m joking. But you may be sure that I’ll be telling you the whole truth. You see, men of Athens, I’ve acquired this reputation because of nothing other than a sort of wisdom. What sort of wisdom, you ask, is that? The very sort, perhaps, that is human wisdom. For it may just be that I really do have that sort of wisdom, whereas the people I mentioned just now may, perhaps, be wise because they possess superhuman wisdom. I don’t know what else to call it, since I myself certainly don’t possess that knowledge, and whoever says I do is lying and speaking in order to slander me.

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