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Vrind, De Cassii Dionis vocabtdis quae ad ius publicum pertinent (Leiden, 1923), 22 f. The problem was not, of course, Dio's alone and many of the terms he uses for Roman institutions were common currency. 1 Troublesome as it was to Dio, this was not something which much affected the character of his work as a whole. More important was his imitation of Thucydides—and, more important than that, the influence of rhetoric. As Photius remarked, the influence of Thucydides is most obvious in his speeches,2 and it affects not only his language but sometimes the whole cast of his thought.

70), who perhaps came from Pisidia, was eos. II ord. in 226. Others were ordinarii—Clodius Pompeianus (Albo no. 1531 = 1256), L. Ti. Claudius Aurelius Quintianus (Albo no. 1001)—both connexions of the famous Ti. Claudius Pompeianus eos. II ord. 173; L. Annius Maximus, 207 (Albo no. 31 = ? 773), perhaps from Lydia; Cn. Claudius Severus, 235 (Albo no. 1002), probably son of Ti. Claudius Severus Proculusw«. ord. 200 (Albo no. 171 ), probably from Phrygia; Pontius Proculus Pontianus, 238 (Albono. 1137), had property at Philippi.

Is largely modelled on Thucydides, in particular on the sea-battle in the Great Harbour at Syracuse. 4 The same is perhaps true of his paragraph on the causes of the First Punic War—the alleged reasons (amai) were Carthaginian aid to Tarentum and the Roman alliance with Hiero, but the real cause was the power and continuing expansion of Rome. 6 A much more pervasive influence was that of rhetoric, the canons of which supplied what there was of historiographical theory in the ancient world. 7 The majority of Dio's work is written in periodic style as appropriate to narrative.

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