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By David E Mentley

ISBN-10: 0835900134

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CHRS(125);" Binary Load Address Check" 70 ? :? :? "Enter Device:Filename";:IN PUT FILES 80 OPEN #1,4,0,FILES 90 ? :? :GET #l,DUMMY:GET #1,DUMMY2:GO SUB 160 100 GET #l,Sl:GET #1,S2:GET #l,El:GET #1,E2:START=Sl+S2*256:FINISH=El+E2*256 110 ? "Starting Address---";START 120 ? "Ending Address-----";FINISH 130 ? "Length-------------";FINISH-STA RT+l 35 BINARY LOAD FROM BASIC 140? " "; «FINISH-S TART)+1)/1024;"K" 150 END 160 IF DUMMY=255 AND DUMMY2=255 THEN ? 0 Binary Load Format":RETURN 170 IF DUMMY=132 AND DUMMY2=9 THEN?

The following program will copy the resident character set into an area below the normal RAM TOP. RAMTOP is actually moved by the first line of the program. 100 RT=PEEK(106):POKE 106,RT-4:REM Look at RAMTOP and reduce it by 4 110 GRAPHICS O:LET NEWSET=256*(RT-4):REM Define NEWSET as address of new charact ers 120 FOR x=o TO 1023:REM Start loop to co py set 130 POKE NEWSET+X,PEEK(57344+X):REM Get old characters 140 NEXT X:REM End loop 150 POKE 756,NEWSET/256:REM Point charac ter pointer to new data CHARACTER SETS - Custom character sets can be used on Atari computers.

You will get the highest possible quality with this arrangement. Note that there are two types of 5 pin DIN plugs. One type has the pins arranged around a 180 degree arc. The other type spreads around 270 degrees. You want the 180 degree type. r - - - - - - - - - R C A Plug Audio Luminance - - - - + - - - - - - - - - R C A Plug Chroma -----,. --t---Composite Video - - - - - - - - - - - R C A Plug o Ground DIN Jack looking AT the computer You must run the ground to each of the RCA plugs. The ground is the bottommost pin and all can be connected together.

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