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By D. Gareth Beevers, Gregory Y. H. Lip, Eoin T. O'Brien

ISBN-10: 1405171359

ISBN-13: 9781405171359

High blood pressure is a situation which impacts thousands of individuals around the globe and its remedy enormously reduces the danger of strokes and center assaults. This totally revised and up-to-date version of the ABC of high blood pressure is a longtime consultant supplying all of the non-specialist must learn about the dimension of blood strain and the research and administration of hypertensive sufferers. This re-creation offers comprehensively up to date and revised details on how and whom to regard.

The ABC of high blood pressure will turn out worthy to basic practitioners who could be screening huge numbers of sufferers for high blood pressure, in addition to nurse practitioners, midwives and different healthcare execs.

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29 *Before discounts and excluding dispensing costs. † Net cost of drug ingredients divided by number of prescription items dispensed. ‡ Drugs used regularly to treat essential hypertension. qxd 11/6/06 11:07 AM Page 37 6 Clinical assessment of patients with hypertension A full and careful clinical history is essential to assess the aetiology, causes, and complications of hypertension. Initial evaluation also should include measurement of total cardiovascular risk with the British Hypertension Society’s colour charts.

One exception is that the national service framework defines “high risk primary prevention” as “people without diagnosed [coronary heart disease] or other occlusive arterial disease but with a 10 year [coronary heart disease] risk Ͼ30%”, which equates to a risk of cardiovascular disease over 10 years Ͼ40%. This confusion about the risk of coronary heart disease and the risk of cardiovascular disease is unfortunate, but most guideline committees now accept that total cardiovascular risk should be assessed (that is, including stroke and heart attack).

Such patients may have undiagnosed atheromatous renal artery stenosis, which will affect the choice of antihypertensive drug. Examination of the praecordium may show cardiomegaly or left ventricular heave. Cardiac auscultation may show a loud second heart sound or heart murmurs, or both, which would merit further investigation. For example, aortic regurgitation results in a soft blowing early diastolic murmur, which is associated with a wide pulse pressure (“collapsing pulse”) and isolated systolic hypertension.

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