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The name of the street in front of her residence. the titles ot two patriotic songs. 2. How manymembers of the public, according to the write r, sangto the Queen on her jubilee day? 3. Why do you think the crowd was 'red, white and blue'? 4. What impression do you get of the success of the jubilee celebrations?

But in 1660 the age o f the Res toration b egan w he n Cha rles 's so n, Cha rles II, was m ad e king. when Q ueen Victo ria's hu sb an d , Qu eenVictoria celebrating her Diamond Jubilee in 1901 . t Before ygu read D Can you identify any of the royal people in the photos? Can you nameany members of the current British royal family? V o cabylary El Complete these 'royal' words. Findthem in the texts if you are not sure. The son of a monarch is a p . The daughter of a monarch is a p . The special chair which a monarch sits on is a th..

Th ey ca lled the erca w here they la nde d New So u th VVales. 3 Historians sti ll argu e tod ay abo u t why th e British se tt led in Aus tra lia. Some SdY that Britain W dS Irying 10 find ne-w pla ces to se nd co nvicts because British priso ns were too crow de d. Others say th at th e British wanted 10 usc Aust ralia's natural reso urces or that they were au om pting 10 stop o ther Europea ns from clai ming Aust ra lia. 4 Aus tra lia's w h ile pop ulati o n grew slow ly a fter 1788. 1\105 1 oft he people were eit he r co nvicts or former convicts w ho had finish ed the ir Dse ntences.

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