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0. If the law of corresponding states holds for all gases, then the first term on the right-hand side of the above equation p v is the same for all gases, therefore, «c c ψ- must be the same K r ,, mol A c for all gases. SYSTEMS OF CONSTANT CHEMICAL COMPOSITION 33 important facts about real substances. For a real substance a solid phase also exists, but this is not given by the Van der Waalsf equation. Finally, we may note that at low pressures and large volumes the Van der Waals1 curves tend to hyperbolae, and a and b are small compared with p and v.

These values are 2a/bR mol and 2a/9bRmoi respectively for a "Van der Waals1 gas". It will be recalled that the critical temperature is 8a/2 7bR mol . The ratios of the inversion temperatures to the critical temperature are ADVANCED 54 T. 75. 1. 2. 1500 723 621 603 202 25 Critical temperature OK T 304 134 126 117 33 4. 32 For nearly all substances the maximum inversion temperature is above the normal ambient temperature and hence the Joule-Thomson effect can be obtained. In the case of hydrogen and helium it is necessary to pre-cool the gas below the maximum inversion temperature.

Whilst the isothermal compressibility (k) is always a positive number, this is not always the case for the coefficient of expansion (8). For ice and water, for example, at low temperatures 0 to 70°K and 273 to 277°K the coefficient (8) is negative. W. Zemansky for further details. 1. On the saturation curves there is a discontinuity in the slope of the p-v isotherm at all points except C. 14) = o. av2 The liquid and vapour phases cannot be distinguished at this temperature and pressure. Both the liquid and the vapour have the same density and a change in phase from liquid to vapour takes place without the addition of latent heat.

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