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45] Nitschke M, Schmack G, Janke A, Simon F, Pleul D, Werner C. Low pressure plasma treatment of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate): toward tailored polymer surfaces for tissue engineering scaffolds. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research 2002;59(4) 632–638. 5772/59691 [46] Dhayal M, Alexander M R, Bradley J W. The surface chemistry resulting from lowpressure plasma treatment of polystyrene: the effect of residual vessel bound oxygen. Applied surface science 2006;252(22) 7957-7963. [47] Hamerli P, Weigel Th, Groth Th, Paul D.

45 46 Advances in Bioengineering [82] Zelzer M, Majani R, Bradley J W, Rose F R, Davies M C, Alexander M R. Investiga‐ tion of cell-surface interactions using chemical gradients formed from plasma poly‐ mers. Biomaterials 2008;29(2) 172-184. [83] Lassen B, Gölander C-G, Johansson A, Elwing H. Some model surfaces made by RF plasma aimed for the study of biocompatibility. Clinical materials 1992;11(1-4) 99-103. [84] Webb K, Hlady W, Tresco P A. Relative importance of surface wettability and charg‐ ed functional groups on NIH 3T3 fibroblast attachment, spreading, and cytoskeletal organization.

82] using glass substrates. In a study by Hamerli et al. [43], the surface of polyethylene terephtalate (PET) was modified via allylamine microwave plasma polymerization. Plasma process parameters such as power (MW power), monomer flow rate (ØAllylamine) and duty cycle were varied which allowed the formation of different film chemical compositions. FTIR and XPS indicated that nitrogen as well as oxygen functionalities were incorporated which resulted in an increased hydrophilic‐ ity. Pictures from scanning electron microscopy showed that homogeneous pinhole-free allylamine plasma polymer (PPAa) films were obtained.

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