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By Mary Jane Sterling

ISBN-10: 0764537636

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The learn-by-doing technique to grasp Algebra I

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Inside you’ll get the perform you must study Algebra I, together with:


  • Basic concepts
  • Working with numbers

Equations and services

  • Linear equations
  • Algebraic fractions
  • Polynomials and factoring
  • Inequalities and absolute price inequalities
  • Radicals
  • Quadratic equations
  • Graphing
  • Systems of equations
  • Functions

Problem-Solving instruments

  • Clear, concise experiences of each topic
  • Practice difficulties in each chapter–with reasons and solutions
  • Complete bankruptcy on tale problems
  • Diagnostic pretest to evaluate your present skills
  • Full-length examination that adapts in your ability level

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113. x 2 + 13x + 40 = 0 A. -5 or -8 C. -4 or -10 114. 3x 2 + 11x - 4 = 0 1 or -4 A. 3 B. 4 3 or -1 C. - 4 3 or 1 115. x 2 + 3x - 2 = 0 3 ! 1 B. 3 2 - 3 ! 17 C. 2 A. 116. 3y 2 + y - 5 = 0 A. - 1 ! 61 6 1 ! 61 2 - 1 ! 18 C. 6 B. 117. Solve for z by completing the square: z 2 - 12z + 32 = 0. A. 4 or 8 B. -16 or -2 C. 16 or 2 18 CliffsStudySolver Algebra I For problems 118 through 122, solve for the value(s) of the variable. 118. x 1/2 + 4x 1/4 - 21 = 0 A. 81 B. 3 C. 3 or -7 119. y 4 - 40y 2 + 144 = 0 A.

Usually, you want an answer to one decimal place or two decimal places, depending on the situation. For instance, 40 is some number between 6 and 7. You can tell this because 40 is between 36 and 49, roots of two consecutive perfect squares. Because 36 = 6 and 49 = 7, then 40 is between 6 and 7. One way to find the square root is to use a calculator and round to a particular number of digits. 3246 rounded to 4 decimal places In algebra, it’s sometimes just easier to estimate the root and calculate that root to one place.

It’s the number 0. The additive inverse of a number has the opposite sign of the original number, so 0 doesn’t have an additive inverse, because 0 doesn’t have a sign. It isn’t positive or negative, so it can’t have an opposite. Also, 1 doesn’t make 0 doesn’t have a multiplicative inverse, because you can’t divide by 0. Writing 0 any sense, because that fraction doesn’t have an answer. Other than 0, all the real numbers have additive and multiplicative inverses. Multiplication Property of Zero Zero is a special number in many respects.

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