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By Hans Mueller, Adolf Pawelczak

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4:Jxh2! 16 4:Jxh2 'iWxg3+) IS ... 4:Jxh2! a3! and Black is much better. 1o 4:Jb6!? Prie strongly advocates this move, in place of the common 10 ... 4:JeS. His reasoning is clear: Black keeps control of the fifth rank to prevent 'iVhS+ and may offer a queen exchange with ... 'iWgS, while making it difficult for White to develop his bishop to c4, from where it could attack the vulnerable e6pawn. 11 0-0-0 The most reasonable. xhS+ �e7 IS bxc3 eS is similarly bad for White) 12 ... xhS+ ct;e7 is excellent for Black, who enjoys a clear positional advantage.

C5 (threatening 13 ... liJg4) 13 h3 (13 liJf4 liJg4 14 liJxe6 fxe6 15 'ii'f4 h5 16 h3 ':'f8 wins material, and also bad for White is 13 'i'f4 liJg4 14 h3 liJe3) 13 ... 0-0-0 14 1li'f4 liJd7 Black has excellent compensation for the pawn; to add to White's grievances, he cannot contemplate 15 0-0-0 because of the simple 15 ... xa2. 9 fxe6 Thus Black has won back his pawn, ... 53 F ig h t i n g t h e A n t i - K i n g 's I n d i a n s having obtained the advantage of the two bishops in the process.

E 6 and ... �b4 i s not out o f the ques­ tion, depending on how White contin­ ues. At this point White usually decides how best to force through the e4 break: A: 4 f3 B: 4 tDf3 Before we examine those variations, we should pay some attention to the other approaches that have been tried in practice: a) 4 e3 signifies a rejection of the e4plan altogether, but White does retain the possibility of erecting a Stonewall set-up with f4, having already devel­ oped his nominally bad bishop to g5. However, in any case a set-up involv­ ing ...

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