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By Daniel Schröder

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This ebook encompasses a novel mixture of experimental and model-based investigations, elucidating the complicated tactics inside of zinc air batteries. The paintings offered is helping to respond to which battery composition and which air-composition could be adjusted to keep up solid and effective charge/discharge biking. intimately, electrochemical investigations and X-ray transmission tomography are utilized on button telephone zinc air batteries and in-house set-ups. additionally, model-based investigations of the battery anode and the influence of relative humidity, lively operation, carbon dioxide and oxygen on zinc air battery operation are provided. The innovations utilized in this paintings supplement one another good and yield an extraordinary figuring out of zinc air batteries. The tools utilized are adaptable and will probably be utilized to achieve extra figuring out of different steel air batteries.

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Illustration of the cathodic and anodic current in ZABs as a function of electrode potential; reproduced from Lee et al. [7]. the double bond of the oxygen molecule is remarkably strong and hard to break, requiring catalysts to decrease the required activation energy [16]. 2 illustrates the cathodic and anodic current as a function of electrode potential for ZABs. 667 V to reverse the electrochemical reactions. Commercially available primary ZAB button cells provide cell potentials around 1 V during discharge (see [1], p.

Reaction (IV) occurs either as direct four-electron transfer reaction, or as two-electron peroxide-pathway reaction with formation of a peroxide intermediate, HO2– , [10]. In this thesis, solely the direct pathway is considered. Kinoshita [11] gives a comprehensive overview on the properties and mechanisms of the ORR and the OER, as well as on how catalysts enhance the electrocatalytic activity for each reaction mechanism. 6 1. Introduction For the electrical recharge of ZABs, a catalyst with bifunctional character, which enables both ORR and OER, is needed.

By means of the various EIS measured, the impact of the parameter varied can be interpreted by the change in the various EIS obtained. 2. 2. X-ray Tomography The following subchapter will provide the basics needed to understand the X-ray analysis applied in this thesis. In addition, materials that can be used for the set-ups for the tomography of electrochemical cells, and ZABs in particular, are discussed. Since Banhart gives a very comprehensive 30 3. Basics of the Experimental Methods Applied overview about tomographic methods in his book Advanced Tomographic Methods in Materials Research and Engineering (see [50]), it is primarily referred to in the following subchapter.

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