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By Klaus Dieter Budras, W. O. Sack

ISBN-10: 3899930444

ISBN-13: 9783899930443

A revised variation of a really profitable ebook. the recent version includes new chapters at the eye, stomach, woman replica, ultrasonography and orthopaedics. The atlas is beautifully illustrated all through with color drawings, photos, and radiographs offering the reader with special info at the constitution, functionality, and scientific program of all equine physique structures and their interplay within the dwell animal. Already stated by way of scholars and lecturers as a vital source for studying and revision, this 5th version should be a necessary reference for veterinary practitioners and in the event you personal and paintings with horses.

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Popliteus tendon Lat. and med. collat. ligg. Med. patellar lig. Long dig. extensor tendon Peroneus tertius tendon Dist. infrapatellar bursa Stifle joint (Lateral view) (Lateral view) h Distal end (cochlea) of tibia (medial) i e a c h f g Subcutaneous calcanean bursa Subtendinous calcanean bursa a c d b e Lat. and med. collateral ligg. Talus Long plantar lig. Central tarsal T III Mt III T IV Mt IV Subtendinous (cunean) bursa of tibialis cranialis Synovial tendon sheaths Hock joint 31 * The Nomina Anatomica Veterinaria (NAV) difine hoof capsule as only the stratum corneum of all hoof segment.

26 27 28 29 30 a Dilation of transverse facial vein b Dilation of deep facial vein c Dilation of buccal vein Malar a. Infraorbital a. and v. External jugular vein Buccal vein Deep facial vein 18 25 24 19 26 17 21 14 20 13 16 22 12 4 27 a 2 23 b c 11 3 30 15 29 6 1 5 28 8 7 10 (See pp. ) 36 9 5 Supf. Structures of the Head c 1 Orbicularis oris i 2 Depressor labii inferioris a 3 Caninus 4 Levator nasolabialis b 5 Zygomaticus d 6 Levator labii superioris f 7 Buccinator g A B e 8 Deep facial vein A B C D E F Mandible Nasal bone Temporal bone Annular cartilage Auricular cartilage Scutiform cartilage a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t Cutaneous muscle of the face Dilator naris Inferior labial vessels Superior labial vessels Dorsal nasal vessels Lateral nasal vessels Infraorbital nerve Great auricular nerve Mental nerve and artery Omohyoideus Sternomandibularis Medial cervicoauricularis Frontoscutularis Zygomaticoauricularis Intersculutaris Ventral stumps of masseter Parotid lymph nodes Parotid gland and its duct Mandibular gland Lateral retropharyngeal lymph nodes 4 9 Malaris 10 Buccal vein 11 Facial vein p 22 Levator anguli occuli medialis 12 Dorsal buccal branch of facial nerve 23 Orbicularis oculi 13 Ventral buccal branch of facial nerve 24 Inferior and superior palpebral veins 14 Transverse facial vein 25 Dorsal masseteric vein q 15 Auriculopalpebral nerve m r 26 Transv.

Its two curar at the back of the hoof, thicken, spread upwards, an overhang the heels as the bulbs of the heels (26). The bulbs of the heels together with the frog are the homologue of the digital pad. 5 6 The dermis of the hoof bears papillae (1, 2, 4, 5) which in the large wall segment (see further on) are represented by dermal Lamellae (3). The mitotically active cells in the basal and spinous layer of the hoof epidermis—the ones that maceration destroyed—produce the horn (stratum corneum) of the hoof by passing through processes of keratinisation and cornification until they die as mature horn cells.

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