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By Richard J. Glassock (auth.), Claudio Ponticelli, Luigi Minetti, Giuseppo D’Amico (eds.)

ISBN-10: 9401084068

ISBN-13: 9789401084062

RICHARD J. GLASSOCK Introducing a systematic symposium is an doubtful and tough job. The feedback must never be too particular lest the participant's later contributions be intruded upon, but an outline of the ambitions and goals of the convention may be awarded in an inquisitive and stimulating style. possibly a compromise place will be to make a couple of common statements and pose a constrained variety of questions which expectantly might then be addressed dur­ ing the formal or casual parts of the assembly. A end incorpo­ of the relevance of the categorical subject to the extra ranking a few views international problems with disorder and its results could be acceptable. The targets and goals of this convention, as set forth via its organizers, Professors Ponti celli, D'Amico and Minetti, are relatively uncomplicated and directly­ ahead; specifically, to check and elucidate the immunopathophysiology of cryoimmunoglobulins and auto-antibodies to immunoglobulins (lg) and, secondarily, to discover the prospective participation of those disordered states in glomerular harm. As such, this convention is especially dedicated to an research of 2 houses of sure species of the globulin fraction of serum proteins, particularly the facility to self affiliate at the foundation of immune interactions and to shape insoluble aggregates while uncovered to lowered ambient temperature. As we will see, those houses are frequently dis­ tinctly related.

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Izui S, Kobayakawa T, Zyrd M, Louis J, Lambert P: Mechanism for induction of anti-DNA antibodies by bacterial lipopolysaccharides in mice. II. Correlation between anti-DNA induction and polyclonal antibody formation by various polyclonal B lymphocyte activators. J ImmunoI 119:2157, 1977. 13. Nemazee DA, Sato VL: Induction of rheumatoid antibodies in the mouse: regulated production of autoantibody in the secondary humoral response. J Exp Med 158: 529-545, 1983. 14. Coulie P, Van Snick J: Rheumatoid factors and secondary immune responses in the mouse.

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However, they are convenient serologic probes for primary structures in that they enable us to gain information regarding the antibody when you cannot sequence the proteins. PETERS: Dr Carson, you spoke of the loss of the cross-reactive idiotypes in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Have you got any other clinical state where you might expect polyclonal activation? CARSON: The rheumatoid patients don't lose the idiotype. It is just not expressed preferentially in the serum. As regards other diseases, we have looked into sporadic RF appearing with aging and found that some express the cross-reactive idiotype and some do not.

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