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Democracy in the Dark: The Seduction of Government Secrecy

From Dick Cheney's man-sized secure to the nationwide defense Agency's titanic intelligence amassing, secrecy has too frequently captured the yank government's modus operandi higher than the beliefs of the structure. during this very important new publication, Frederick A. O. Schwarz Jr. , who used to be leader assistance to the U.

Where the Money Is: True Tales from the Bank Robbery Capital of the World

"With the fashion and pacing of a great novel. .. may still turn into a regular within the style. "—Publishers Weekly
FBI exact Agent William J. Rehder, the guy CBS information as soon as defined as "America's mystery weapon within the warfare opposed to financial institution robbers," chronicles the lives and crimes of financial institution robbers in today's la who're as colourful and intriguing because the legends of in the past. The mild-mannered antiques broker who robbed extra banks than an individual else in historical past. the fashionable Fagin who took a web page out of Dickens and had teenagers rob banks for him. The misfit bodybuilders who used a film as a blueprint for a spree of violent robberies.

In a fast paced, hard-edged type that reads like a unique, the place the cash Is includes us via those tales and more—all inside of a pistol shot of Hollywood, all true-life stories as shiny as something at the great monitor.

Cato Handbook for Congress, 108th Congress (Cato Handbook for Congress: Policy Recommendations)

Each years Cato guide for Congress units the normal within the nation's capital for a way to come the federal goverment to the dimensions and scope predicted by way of the Founding Fathers.

Handbook of Public Policy in Europe: Britain, France and Germany

This guide offers a useful evaluation of the content material of public coverage around the complete diversity of coverage parts in Britain, France and Germany. it's designed for use through scholars, specialists and practitioners either to assist evaluate public coverage throughout diversified coverage components and international locations and as a resource of knowledge on person coverage parts.

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Supporters optimistically called this a ‘Republican revolution’. The Contract was part of a strategy, led by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, to counter President Bill Clinton’s own legislative programme. It was a time of highly partisan politics, with only limited cooperation between the Congress and the executive branch. Most of the provisions of the Contract were passed by the House of Representatives, as promised, but several of these items failed to be approved by the Senate, or were diluted by it.

The north forged ahead with industrialisation and developing a manufacturing base, while the south relied more upon an agrarian economy. Plantations, worked by slave labour, were at the heart of this southern economy. As slavery became a more contentious issue, southern politicians became concerned over calls emanating from the north to restrict this institution in the United States, culminating with the abolitionists’ campaign to ban slavery altogether. Alongside the issue of slavery was the south’s resentment over what was perceived as the federal government’s infringement on states’ rights (and the ‘southern way of life’ in general), as well as a national tariff policy that favoured the industrial north over the agrarian south.

Similarly, the Civil Rights Act, 1964 was deemed constitutional by the Court in the case of Heart of Atlanta Motel v. United States, 1964. In this instance, Congress was allowed to pass legislation prohibiting racial segregation in public places, because a number of customers staying at M538 - THOMSON TXT M/UP 13/12/06 12:27 pm Page 37 Phil's G4 Phil's G4:Users:ph US POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT A–Z 37 the Heart of Atlanta motel, travelling sales persons for example, did so in order to enable them to conduct interstate commerce.

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