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By Deborah K. W. Modrak

ISBN-10: 0521103983

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This can be a booklet approximately Aristotle's philosophy of language, interpreted in a framework that offers a entire interpretation of Aristotle's metaphysics, philosophy of brain, epistemology and technology. The goals of the ebook are to explicate the outline of that means contained in De Interpretatione and to teach the relevance of that thought of aspiring to a lot of the remainder of Arisotle's philosophy. within the technique Deborah Modrak unearths how that idea of which means has been a lot maligned.

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Socrates is a father' is true just in case 'Socrates' denotes a person who stands in a particular relation to another person. As Aristotle puts it, What is relative then is that which is just what it is said of another or in some other way in relation to something else. (6b7~8; cf. With respect to 'father', the pragma '{name of male parent) R child' is irreducible; but with respect to a true substance sortal, the pragma consists simply in an individual falling under the sortal. 'Socrates is a man' is true just in case 'Socrates' denotes a human being.

52 As discussed in Categories 5-9, the ten categories classify predicates according to the kinds of entities they indicate. This is especially clear in the analysis of the category of substance in the fifth chapter. There Aristotle begins with primary substance as defined in Categories 2, as that which is neither said of a subject nor in a subject (2ai 1-14). He goes on to explain that in the case of secondary substance both the name 51 Frede (1981) argues that at Topics I 9, 103^5 Aristotelian categories are kinds of predications, whereas in the Categories they are ultimate genera of what there is.

For a review of the history of recent interpretations and a new proposal, see also Wedin (1993, pp. 137-65). 47 Owen (1965, p. 104) offers a less formal version of the same criterion for being in a subject. 32 LANGUAGE AND KNOWLEDGE reference to an individual man who happens to be Socrates, and it is necessary that the general term 'pale' have reference to the pallor instantiated by Socrates' skin. The secondary substances and attributes are dependent on the existence of primary substances and primary attributes.

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