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Integrates fields usually held to be incompatible, if no longer downright antithetical, in sixteen lectures from a February 1990 workshop on the Argonne nationwide Laboratory, Illinois. the subjects, of curiosity to business and utilized mathematicians, analysts, and laptop scientists, comprise singular in keeping with

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Gregory. A C2 polygonal surface patch. Computer Aided Geometrie Design, 6:69-75, 1989. [4] H. Hagen and H. Pottmann. Curvature continuous triangular interpolants. In T. L. Schumaker, editors, Mathematieal Methods in Computer Aided Geometrie Design, Academic Press, Boston, 1989. M. Nielson. A transfinite, visually continuous triangular interpolant. In G. Farin, editor, Geometrie Modeling: Applieations and new trends, Philadelphia, 1986. SIAM. [6] H. Prautzsch. Subdivision algorithms for multivariate splines - a geometrie approaeh.

T. it follows that the Bezier points of F are given as b o = f(r,r), b 1 = f(r, s) and b 2 = f(s,s). 2. The de Casteljau Algorithm for a. tic Bezier curve. It is then obvious that a quadratie Bezier eurve lies in the eonvex hull of its eontrol points, goes through the end points bo and b 2 , and is tangent to the Bezier polygon in these points. How ean we evaluate Bezier euryes? Consider a quadratie Bezier eurve F over some given intervai ~ = [r, s], and let u E R. 2 convinees us that we ean eompute the point F(u) = f(u,u) from the points f(r,u) and f(u,s), which in turn ean be computed from f(r,r) and f(r,s), and from f(r,s) and f(s,s), respeetively.

If i/6 is marked by 1 Jj, or a eirele 1/3E~=1 bi if i/6 is marked by * (at, br, bi) if i/6 is marked by 01 (bt,a{, b~) (bl, br, aV where if i/6 is marked by O 2 if i/6 is marked by 0 3 at = (4bl + 4bl-2bN3, {i,j,k} = {1,2,3}. 6 e 7 with eertain marks. Note that bl = bi = bf whenever i/6 is marked by a eirele. 5 shows the eonstruetion of the a 's. Note that the common subseript i is omitted. 6. 6} eontains a Bezier net representing a eubic over 74 and three quasi Bezier nets representing an interpolation problem over 71,72, and 73' Solving the three interpolation problems will generate three surfaees.

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