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By Scheck Zabinski, E. Michael Scheck, Linda Yakel

ISBN-10: 0672222949

ISBN-13: 9780672222948

Explains how you can use the pc language simple to jot down basic courses for the Atari desktops

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1. Use the (CTRLl and rn keys to get back to line 20. 2. Use the (CTRLl and 8 keys to get to the end of UNITED. 3. Use the (CTRl) and (INSERT) keys to add the space, then press (RETURN ). 4. To display the two words, move the cursor (use the (CTRll and ning of the RUN statement and press (RETURN). m keys) to the begin- Did it work? The screen should now show. The space is there - good work. 39 ------------------------------------------------------------5-8 TIME OUT FOR OLD NEWS 1. There are two types of variables, numerical and string variables.

YT J b ' / UUR 1\1 (:11-1 r:: I! 'o? i J 1\1 F' UT 1\1 +- The colon combines the PRINT and INPUT instructions into a single instruction. Go ahead, retype the program with a colon and use the abbreviation I. for INPUT: ,::: C'l 1'1 ta· ( ::: 0 :. " HI . I 20 F'F:. ::::C1 F'F:. 4~:1 F'F? ,JHAT f~t"l T UT elF' COr"iFUTEf-;:: r :=:, CUF' HE', I I ; rH:; ;" HO HO HCI 'I + I i · j~1 1 L::" ~:dl Ii : I , t)$· F'L .. ,. OU ;: + COMPUTER MAGIC The Computer asks you to think of a three-digit number such as 222, or 666, or 999.

It tells the Computer to load the program HILOW1 from the disk located in drive number 1. The name of the program to load follows and all this information is in quotes. Saving programs on disk or loading programs from disk into the Computer is very fast compared with tapes. If you forget the name of a program you saved, there's no problem, type: and press (RETURN) and press (RETURN) twice. The Computer will list the names of all the programs on that disk. This is a directory of the programs. Once you've found the program you want, type (]J to get back to BASIC.

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