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2000 j J 3000 i i 1 i 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 Wavelength, Â Fig. I-H. Semilog plot of the radiation intensity per 100 Â interval for an overhead sun versus the wavelength of radiation. Curves are shown for ground level and for a very large distance. The spike at 1216 Â is due to the hydrogen-atom emission line (Lyman-a). reaches unit quantum efficiency. Therefore, N2 photodissociation only occurs to any measurable extent at wavelengths between 910 and 796 A. The actual amount of photodissociation due to N2 absorption is negligible.

G. (1968). Planet. " Whipple, F. L. (1955). Astrophys, J. 121, 241, "The Physical Theory of Meteors. VII. " Wilkinson, P. , and Mulliken, R. S. (1957). Astrophys. " Zalpuri, K. , and Somayajulu, Y. V. (1974). J. Atmos. Terrest. Phys. " Chapter II CHEMISTRY OF THE UPPER ATMOSPHERE The chemistry of the atmosphere can be attributed to the absorption of the sun's radiation giving rise to photodissociation. The reactive fragments produced further react, giving rise to the many different species observed.

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